Membership Information

We are a small club, totally independent of all breweries with about 700 members, although probably only about 200 are regular customers. We have a wide selection of Award-winning drinks behind the bar all of which are extremely well kept by Nigel and Teresa, our stewards.

Facilities include a recently refurbished snooker table, a darts board 2 bandits with £200 jackpots and an outdoor seating area. Each main area has a television showing Terrestrial, Sky, BT and Amazon Prime sporting events.

We hold a now famous beer festival in July which is a 3-day extravaganza of live music and entertainment, children’s’ entertainment and great quality food. We hold numerous BBQ’s, as well as the occasional karaoke or race night throughout the year. At Halloween, Christmas and Easter we have a kid’s party for all kids under 14. For the last few years we have hosted “Mr. Fox and the Night of the Hunters Moon” which takes place on the nearest Saturday to the Hunters’ Full Moon (approximately Halloween) which is an incredible sight for those unaware of the dancing, music and fire displays. Parties for adults are spread out throughout the year but we have specific events around Halloween, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

We have a private fishing pond run by the fishing section which you can apply to join after completing 1 year’s membership, although there is a restriction on the number of members for insurance purposes. Day passes are available from behind the bar (see Nigel) for details. Our Quiz night is Thursday where a sizeable Jackpot is accumulating.

We hold a Members’ free draw each week, at 1.00pm on Sunday, when, providing you are in the club, and your membership number is drawn. Notices for forthcoming events are on the tables throughout the club and are updated frequently as well as social media.

General Rules

We don’t have many rules but the main points are: bad language is not allowed, Kids under 14 must be out of the club by 9.30pm, dirty boots must be left in the entrance lobby and under 18’s are not allowed in the snug bar or on the bandits. Wives or partners do not have to be signed in but please remember to keep their card available for purchases. Subscriptions are due in January when notices will be posted in the club giving times of collection. If subs are not paid by the end of February, a £5 surcharge is added. At the end of March, anyone who has still not paid their subs is deemed no longer a member and may not use the club.

If you need any information about any aspect of the club please do not hesitate to ask any committee member, Nigel or his wife Teresa.

Benefits of Membership

70p off a pint typically on a beverage

Entry into weekly prize draw

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